Burst through the ceiling

Carl (the creative director I work with) came into my office last week and asked me so where did you find your new voice? Initially I wasn't sure what he meant. But after conversing with him I realized he was asking about the tone of writing I had been producing for our social media. Apparently, it differed from what I had been writing for our social media the week before.

As I looked back and compared the copy I had written, I saw that Carl was right—I had half-consciously changed the way I was writing. But the question is: why? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the copy evolved because it needed to evolve; because we often hit ceilings when working with social media and we need to make intentional efforts to burst through the ceiling.

Social media isn't static, but dynamic and constantly growing, which means that those who work with it need to be perpetually growing along with it. Which is to say, if your content isn't busy growing, then your content is busy dying; if you're not busy pushing upward, then you're busy falling downward (with bumps on your skull).

The basic implication of this is that the goal with producing content has to be constant innovation, re-invention, and proactive self-criticism. With every new week, you need to sit in front of your computer screen and speculate: is there a better way to say what I am trying to say?