Generous media

When you're creating media and getting ready to share it with people, what's your first thought? Is it I hope other people will engage with this or I hope this encourages, equips, and inspires other people? If I'm being honest, I find it easy to think of the former not the latter. But as of late, I'm trying to focus more on the latter.

I realized the other day that I always want to be generous when I create and share media, because that's what great media does—it encourages and inspires people. It's generous because it invites people in. It asks people to comment with their thoughts, hopes, fears, or dreams and then responds, it offers a new resource or utility free of cost, or it presents a unique idea that leaves a positive and lasting impression.

I think this is why media has gone social. People don't just want passive experiences—unless they're watching Netflix at the end of a long day. Now they want to have interactive experiences, where they can engage with what they're encountering and come out of that experience changed in some way. And I think generous media satisfies this desire in a positive, and transformative, way.

So generous media. That's what's it all about. And that's what I want to start creating and sharing all the time.