Media myth no.1

"I need to figure out what's cool."

Firstly, what does cool mean anyway? 

Secondly, one of the biggest media myths people buy into is the idea that we need to hunt for what's cool and then represent that cool thing to the world. 

The problem with this sort of approach to media is that it turns you into a follower, not a leader. It turns you into an imitator, not a pioneer.

Instead of worrying about what's cool, focus on what matters to you. Figure out what gets you excited. Figure out what you find interesting. Figure out what's most inspiring for you. And once you know that, represent it to the world through media.

That way, you're not spending your valuable time and resources chasing after something that's illusive and constantly changing, and instead, you're leading people to what they hope for and dream about, but just aren't able to articulate yet. 

In other words, help define what's cool. Don't let others define it for you.