How to grow something big

I think it's important to dream big, but I'm beginning to see that dreams don't mean much if you don't figure out how to make them become a reality.

The other day I was talking with my colleague as we walked to our cars after work, and I offered him advice on a dream he had without really thinking about what I was saying. I said to him: Seeds, man. That's how everything big starts. You have to plant little seeds, and then it takes time and effort to grow those seeds into something big.

Looking back, I realize I should've been giving this advice to myself and my colleague, because I'm the sort of person who tends to dream a lot and move onto the next one before my first dream has grown into something big. Honestly, I find it difficult to take the lofty concepts spinning around in my head and figure out practical ways to see these concepts started and carried all the way to the end.

It's probably because I'm more of a starter than I am a finisher, but I'm learning the importance of having an equal appreciation and intentional focus on both ends of what I call the starting and finishing spectrum. Because no matter where we land on the spectrum, we have to take the little seeds and give them the time and effort they need to grow into something big. Otherwise, they stay seeds and never grow past infancy.

If you want to grow something big, start with something small and a powerful; something concrete, manageable, and compelling. Once you have that little seed, scatter it in the right type of the soil, start feeding it in steady increments, and see what happens.

It grows into something big.

But you have to start small.

With a handful of real seeds.