Don't mope around

Let's just admit it: most creatives mope when things don't go their way. When a project gets shut down? Mope city population creative. When an idea is questioned? Somebody order the creative a wahmburger and french cries. When execution doesn't line up with creative vision? End of the creative world.

I get it. I'm a creative like you are, so I know how to weep and gnash my teeth when the time comes. And I think it is to a certain degree appropriate to mourn the death of a creative idea or project. But the reality is, we can't stay in mourning forever. There's more work to be done, more ideas to be pursued, more visions that need to be executed and completed on time.

Having the ability to create is a gift, and if memory serves me correctly, part of being a creative is having more ideas coming up in our minds than we know what to do with.

So the next time something doesn't work the way you hoped it did, spend the time you need to mourn it's demise, learn what you need to learn from that outcome, and then move to the next idea or project with joyful resolve.

As much as we creatives can, let's try and commit to not moping around all the time. And one of the things that helps me prevent this from happening is injecting some fun into each day. Like photos of cats on the internet. I can't tell you how many times Lil Bub has cheered me up. Maybe next time you feel a big mope coming on, look at something like this.