Media myth no.2

"I can do everything myself."

Guess what? You can't do everything yourself. You may think you can, but you can't. Especially with the direction media's going this day, it's the people who draw people in, then equip and release those people, that are delivering content in the most engaging, diverse, and sustainable ways.

If you're going it alone, you're probably doing well at at the first two for the time being, but eventually, you're going to fail at the third.

Media moves at warp speed these days, and in order to be sustainably engaging and diverse, you need to build a team, equip that team, and release them to do great work. Otherwise you're going to burnout and get crushed under the pile of media tasks and projects that need to get done.

So let's admit it: we can't do everything ourselves. But what we can do is be the people who inspire, empower, and equip others to do what needs to be done.