Being known/love and be loved/why I didn't post today

It was my birthday today (yesterday now), which means instead of taking the time I usually do to write a post, I ducked out after work to pick up my fiancee and head out to be with a group of family and friends to celebrate my 28th year on the planet.

It was such a great time, and it reminded me how important it is to be known by other people and love and be loved by other people without distractions in the way.

As creatives, we can get so caught up in the work we do and live in a dream world with little desire or thought to return to earth and appreciate/pour into the people we love and who love us. 

But what days like today re-teach me is that being known and loved, and knowing and loving others is hugely essential not only to creativity, but our well being in general.

That means, sometimes:

1. We have to put down the notebook and pen.

2. We have to set the phone to do not disturb. 

3. We have to close the laptop and walk away.

4. And we have to be—just be—with other people.

And the amazing thing is that when we do all these things, we're more filled up and ready to do our best work when we plug back into the creative outlet.

When people remember me after I die, it would be cool if they reembered me as someone who was good at media. 

But it would be even cooler if they remembered me most as someone who made ample time for, and genuinely loved and found joy in, the company of other people.