Off the path on the path

Good things happen when I step out of my creative comfort zone. It reminds me that I'm not a professional at everything I do. Today, for example, I got a chance to try out my pyrography kit that I received as a gift for my birthday—only to find that it wasn't as easy as I imagined it would be.

It was actually difficult, and I found myself becoming perplexed because in my mind I had pictured myself creating wonderful creations that would amaze myself and others with little effort. But nothing turned out as planned when I got down to business.

This didn't make the creative process any less fun—in fact it was very fun burning things for the sake of "art"—but it was a bit frustrating at times because I wanted this kind of work to come as easy to me as it does when I sit down at my computer and start typing. But it didn't.

I write a lot about pursuing strengths, and I think it's important to reinforce our strengths by making ourselves uncomfortable sometimes.

We're all walking on a particular creative trail, and it's important go off the path sometimes to see what we find. But after that, it's good to get back onto the original track. Because even that will have twists and turns that keep us guessing—and we're more cut out to navigate those as compared to the disciplines we're rubbish at.

So straying from the creative path is good every now and then. But sooner or later, we have to get back on track. Else we're at risk of losing focus of what we're meant to be focusing on.