Put your hand to the plough

Sometimes you have to just put your hand to the plough and till the dry soil in your life until it churns up and around into something that can grow something beautiful.

Life isn’t going to be bursting with brilliant creativity all time.

Life is going to put you through moments where you have to till the dry lands so beautiful things can grow.

So as artists, you and I have to be ready to fall into and live within the ebb and flow of tilling that creative soil, planting the right seeds, and waiting for the rain.; from arid dirt to fertile soil, from fertile soil to arid dirt, and then back and forth, and back and forth.

on’t like it? Then find a different discipline. This is the kind of work that has dry spells and bursts of rain, and you can’t control which one happens when. But what you can control, however, is your relative willingness to harness whatever circumstances you have in the immediate moment and use that to make something that matters. No matter how long it takes.

If you're not seeing anything grow, maybe it's because you haven't put your hand to the plough for a while.