Techno-politics or a new way of living?

I you are like me you are surprised (frightened) by the recent US presidential results. As it happens, I was asked to write an article on the subject for a blog that my friend manages. So, if you want to have a look at my pre- and post-election musings, you can head over here to do so. 

Connection killers

Humans are inclined to admire things. I was reading an interesting article the other day, and it struck me how well it revealed our culture's tendency to admire things; to the extent that people often love things more than they do people. Here are three things that our culture tends to love more than people—and why they kill human connection. 


When we change our own images for the sake of mass approval, we trade in the genuine self for a manufactured self. And how can a manufactured self show real affection for and to others?


When we live and work for the weekend, we're left to ourselves and our desire to relax. Everything outside of our leisure time becomes a stepping stone. This means 71% of our lives is considered a distraction, leaving only 29% worth living for!


Technology typically eliminates three forms of human communication: touch, body language, and tone of voice. Not only does this affect our connections with other people, it also actually spills over and influences the way we communicate in person. It teaches us a new language—one that is less than human.

So what?

Things should ultimately facilitate human connection, not reduce it. 

What do you admire most and how is that affecting your human connections?