Vision is tricky

Vision is one of many leadership and creative buzz words that are overused, but it's nevertheless important. Not to mention, it's also very, very tricky to hold on to and work with in an excellent and effective way.

Question: how much is too much and too little compromise when it comes to  vision for a project, idea, or a task?

Non-committal answer: this is difficult to know, because keeping great vision alive, excellent, and effective is more of an art than a science; you have to find a balance between being open minded enough to consider new calibrations and expressions of an original vision, but not so open minded that you're chasing every new idea or possibility down and around the world to the nth degree.

A more so-committal answer: you have to let your vision be like a jelly fish. You have to let it expand and contract in the shifting waters of possibility, change, and circumstance in order to get it to the place where it needs to be.

Didn't think I was going to go there, did you?

But just think about it... Great vision is like a jellyfish.